We offer out of warranty service repairs with to and from your location delivery.

We love to fix all kinds of issues with devices, and our Capabilities Page will give you a broad idea what we can do.

You will need to create a user account by following the Register link. You may also Email me at, and leave me your questions. Please note we do not offer free consultations over the phone nor via email.

Read more... We love technology, and we love to make wonderful things happen with it. Did we mention we love fixing things? Our broad knowledge of all types of technology just might come in handy for the average person who's not so techno-savy. Thats where we step in and come to you to bring you our geeky-helpers. With your guidance on what your needs are, and our know how; together we can achieve greatness!

Request a quote today for all your laptop, desktop, data backups, misc computer, tablet and phone repair needs. Contact us for a Service quote today, and schedule a pick-up drop off with our techs. We are a small starter repair shop club, here to help you find affordable direct-to-you repair technicians, programmers, developers, and simply all around tech savy personel.